& Expertises

More than 130 years after its creation, quality, reliability and trust drive all the activities of Netter Group. For this reason, its clients are loyals to the company.




Netter Group has built its reputation among its local partners and clients thanks to its ability to carry out its activities transparently and to always honour its commitments. The company special relationships with major groups such as LVMH, Diageo, Ferrero and Beiersdorf are based on its core values: quality, reliability and trust.

In a world where both markets and consumer expectations are constantly and unpredictably evolving, Netter Group steady presence constitutes a major asset.

Netter Group places great importance on complying with legislation and regulation regarding corruption. Our growth strategy is subject to a prior analysis of these risks to prevent any non-compliance.

We ensure that our employees receive specific training on this subject and we have established a legal monitoring unit to identify, measure and evaluate potential risks. The most relevant risks are then shared internally and control procedures tailored to our business and various functions exposed to such risks, (such as commercial, financial, accounting and legal) are implemented.



Reliability, Trust

Quality, reliability and trust are Netter Group core values. Its employees and its network of local partners share them and its clients loyalty lies behind them. Indeed, many prestigious companies entrust the brand agency for more than two decades and even more than a Century for Moët et Chandon.

Quality Client Relations

Attentive to the expectations of its consumers and to the specific aspects of each market, Netter Group takes great care to ensure the quality of its services and of the client relationship which have cemented its reputation.


and Adaptability

Netter Group reputation is also based on its flexibility and its ability to adapt to clients’ needs. Its knowledge of the particularities of the different markets where it operates enables Netter Group to advise its clients and develop solutions tailored to local specific aspects, including ways of thinking, cultural diversity, marketing and commercial strategies, etc.



Optimised solutions
using strategic local partners

Drawing on the support of a vast network on the African continent and in the Indian Ocean, Netter Group benefits from soundly established local partners. They constitute essential intermediaries for guaranteeing a high level of quality and excellence and for optimising the distribution and promotion of brands on these markets.